Help Me Do A Thing

Which Crafters has completely pivoted and is now in full production of sewing face masks that will be donated to local hospitals. We will be selling a limited amount each week to the general public to fund our mission. 

As of April 30th, we have made over 600 masks for 8 different medical organizations.

Sponsor a Seamstress

If you would like to Sponsor a Seamstress. Feel free to click the "I Wanna Help" button and it will direct you to Which Crafters' Paypal. You will be helping a local Baltimore seamstress/micro business and her best friend arm our hospitals with donated masks by funding the sponsorship of a seamstress. The more you give, the more masks we sew.

This is purely a sponsorship. You will not be able to purchase a mask with this option.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We Believe in Quality over Quantity


Each Mask takes 1 hour to make

 Each mask has a pocket for a filter, an adjustable and removable metal nose, adjustable rope elastic ear straps that are replaceable, and has been pre-washed in hot water with fragrance free detergent.    

*A limited number of masks are available for the public to purchase each week. All Proceeds go towards Erica & Kristi sewing masks to donate in bulk to hospitals in Baltimore & DC.  

Buy a Face Mask

Extra Info

Email to inquire about bulk orders for essential businesses and the general public.

 If you have extra knit cotton, coffee filters, 1/8 elastic, or thread to donate email